Data Challenge Results

3 Winning Teams

Team Princeton

Leonid Pogorelyuk (now at MIT)

Brianna Lacy (Princeton)

1st for step 4 (albedo / phase curve)

Completed everything ahead of time

Team Wang

Jason Wang (Caltech)

1st in number of detections

1st in astrometry

1st in orbital fit & planet parameters

Team Wagner


Kevin Wagner (U. of Arizona)

1st in photometry

Completed everything on time with great autonomy (did not participate to any tutorial event)

Leonid and Brianna's talks at the Jamboree
Jason's talk at the Jamboree
Kevin's talk at the Jamboree

Each member of these 3 teams won the Grand Prize,

an Unistellar eVscope!

2 Challenger Teams

Team Tanner

Angelle Tanner (Mississippi State U.)

Planet Hunters

Mengya (Mia) Hu 胡梦雅 (Princeton)

Jonathan Brande (GSFC, now at Kansas U.)

Taichi Uyama 鵜山太智 (Caltech)

Tomás Silva (U. do Porto)

Both these teams did a good job in identifying the background star and got decent orbital parameters on Planet c but confused somewhat the other planets.

Other Teams

Team Milou

Julien Milli (IPAG / U. Grenoble Alpes)

Team Agrawal

Shubham Agrawal (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, now at Credibly)

Both these teams only completed step 1, the rough identification / astrometry. Team Milou had a lot of correct answer